Dissertationsprojekt (bei Prof. Dr. Ruben Zimmermann)
Exegethics: A Virtue-ethical Reading of the Letter to Titus (Bringing New Testament Studies into Conversation with Virtue Ethics Theory)

This inter-disciplinary research seeks to understand the concepts of virtue that are in the letter to Titus in correspondence with the characteristics of virtue ethics theory. It asks, “What ethical concepts are in the letter to Titus? How do those ethical concepts correspond to the virtue-ethical approach to ethics? Are the points of correlation explicit or implicit? Must the Greek word for virtue ‘ἀρετή’ appear in a New Testament text before it qualifies to be described as a ‘virtue-ethical text?’” The research argues that even though “ἀρετή” does not appear throughout the letter to Titus, the presence of virtue-ethical features implicitly and explicitly embedded in the linguistic elements, theological motifs, and ethical norms within the text are so prevalent and central to its theology and ethics such that it warrants the accountable description of the letter to Titus as a “virtue-ethical text.” Moving beyond the virtue-ethical analysis, a section of this dissertation also initiates a hermeneutical conversation between biblical virtue ethics and African ethics, with insights from the letter to Titus. The dissertation contributes to the novel but growing inter-disciplinary research between virtue ethics and biblical ethics, which has until now focused more on the authentic Pauline and Johannine literature. It also contributes to African biblical hermeneutics, which has until now not explored virtue ethics as a hermeneutical tool for appropriating biblical ethics into African contexts.


  • D. research at the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz (June 2016 - date)
  • Full time lecturer at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (08.2014-date, on sabbatical for the Ph.D. research)
  • Ordination as a clergy in the Church of Christ in Nations (2015)
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics and (Bible) Translation: New Testament, at TCNN Bukuru, Jos, Nigeria (08.2011-05.2013)
  • Professional Diploma in Education at the College of Education, Gindiri, Nigeria (2009)
  • Bachelor of Divinity at the Gindiri Theological Seminary (08.2004-05.2018)
  • Born 26.01.1985 in Yabra, Nigeria.