Michael Roth/Ulrich Volp, Gut, besser, am besten. Ethische, theologische und historische Reflexionen zu Leistung und Erfolg in Sport, Kirche und Gesellschaft (Good, Better, Best. Ethical, theological and historical reflections on performance an success in sports, church and society). Theologie/Kultur/Hermeneutik 20, Leipzig 2016.

»Performance leads to success and success rests upon performance« –  the bourgeois society proclaims to its members and aspirants. However, this perspective on performance and success does not remain uncontested: The principle of merit may serve as a legitimate postmodern scale to ascribe social status in the public realm, but the voices against this framework of social acceptance are increasing. Especially church communities participate in these critical votes and feel called to remind the society to pay respect also to those who lack the ability to perform in the efficient sense. The purpose of the volume is to interrelate the various ethical, theological and historical debates on performance and success within the intersection of sports, society and church in order to gain new insights and perspectives.



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