The faculty in the EAC has committed to the regular offering of courses focusing upon ethics. Thus, there are introductory courses providing an overview of a particular ethical theme (e.g., the course “Sexual Ethics in the New Testament” taught by F. W. Horn) or advanced seminars arising from faculty research projects (e.g., “Life to the Full! Ethics of Life in the Gospel of John in the Context of the ‘Enhancing Life’ Project”).

B.A. and M.A. theses dealing with ethics can be written in the various theological disciplines. For such theses it is not necessary to be enrolled in a particular course connected to the EAC. If you have an interest in pursuing a B.A. or M.A. project, please contact one of the faculty members.

Several doctoral as well as Habilitation projects are being written within the auspices of the EAC.

The support and promotion of young scholars is one of the primary tasks of the research centre. Whereas a few scholarships for doctoral projects are offered by the EAC (see the Graduiertenkolleg), other doctoral students have been able to secure external funding. We are happy to advise and support you in the pursuit of funding for your graduate studies.

For the pursuit of a doctoral degree within the EAC, a doctoral programme has been developed that, one the one hand, allows adequate time for the writing of the doctoral dissertation but, on the other hand, furthers scholarly dialogue with other members of the programme and develops scholarly “soft” skills (e.g., supervision in the organization of scholarly work, first presentations at conferences, and first publications).